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Crossdresser selfies, whether you are an admirer like myself or crossdresser you are probably VERY familiar with the selfie and whilst many assume it’s just the younger generation that love flipping the camera around on the phone and getting Crossdressing selfie, you would be wrong!


The selfie has for many Crossdressers become the chosen method to show off new outfits, maybe a different lipstick or just getting very naughty showing new sexy lingerie, with a mobile phone you can share Crossdressing selfies to all.


And of course, whilst many would assume its only Crossdressing selfies that get attention you have to remember us admirers that whilst nowhere near as sexy still try to post up something that will get the attention of sexy crossdresser.


Get Great Crossdresser Selfies..

You just turn the camera around on the phone ad press click, right? Wrong! In our era of photo personals dating sites and even social media assuming you are happy to post images outside of members only website everyone grabs the phone to take a selfie.


For some getting their own photos is a necessity if not out with others or have dressing friends and if you are new to getting Crossdressing Selfies you can end up wasting a lot of precious time, taking and posting selfies that are not good enough, or at least you are not happy with.


In some cases, you assume that you will never be able to take that perfect selfie that will hopefully attract someone to your profile and more so hit the contact link and send a message.


Sexy Crossdresser Selfies..

Its not hard to take a GREAT selfie whether an admirer or Crossdresser and just needs a little bit of planning and understanding its not just a case of picking the phone up and clicking the selfie setting but these tips may get you better results.


:- Find your best side, is it the left or right or just full on middle, take a few photos moving the phone around and find out which is your best side, you will soon know after taking a few


:- Natural light or flash, the best is natural light and just standing close by a window if you don’t want to go out, or can’t ..Maybe head into the garden, but just make sure you are not in full sun as it will leave heavy shadows. Shade is always the best and personally I love being by a window on a bright day


:- Camera / phone angle, try putting the phone slightly higher than eye height and to one side, your best side which you should know by now. Also putting the phone high means you lose the double chin look!


:- Background, you don’t want it to be too busy to distract others from looking at your selfie and a nice painted wall works a treat with you not standing too close.


:- Editing, don’t go crazy most edited Crossdress selfies I’ve seen look really poor and if you want an arty look then go VERY arty rather than just trying to be clever with some PS app on the phone.


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Members can post as many Crossdressing selfies as you want, and as all new images are posted onto your wall (like Facebook but without silly rules) you can instantly get feedback from friends and contacts. What a great way to show that new look off!!

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