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Looking to Find Crossdresser Dogging locations? You know those hidden gems of public sex sites where Crossdressers & admirers head towards after dark for some sex in public…we’ll just search online for Crossdressing Dogging locations, and you’ll find loads.


Yeah right!!! And yes I am take the P here because anyone that’s looked online for dogging locations followed by some county or town will know just about every page that you look at will either have the same old locations that most know are dead now.


The idea of just getting the phone and searching for a Crossdressing Dogging site whilst attractive as it is just doesn’t happen, but what does and all the time is people logging into members section and finding hot contacts and arranging to meet up….NOW that happens a lot.


Find great crossdressing public sex sites.

We all love a sex in public, least this admirer does and not wanting to sound like a tart I’ve lost count the number of times I’m enjoyed some mutual oral sex in public, and even a few shags over the car bonnet, but to be honest we did have a lookout, and he got to fuck her afterwards…one VERY busy Crossdresser.


Meeting up in public for Dogging sex now is all about planning and pre arranging meet ups and whether you are seeking an admirer or a horny dogging crossdresser its not hard to set these meets up once you access the right members section and local contacts.


How to find Crossdressing Dogging Contacts.

It all starts with joining, but even that’s FREE if you want to check out whats going on inside the members before you pay and upgrade to VIP. But once a member your profile will be matched up with others seeking similar types of meets, so dogging , public sex, voyeurism & a few others.


At any time you can change or add more keywords into your personals, so if you get fed up getting fucked over a car bonnet and a horny guy ( like you would every get fed up with that) its just a simple case of editing your keywords.


By using the search feature, you can then look at contacts in your county or city and send private messages out asking them if they fancy meeting up at a prearranged dogging location. Its really that easy.


Message Boards & Dogging Forums ..

Members will also post up details within the forums and message board if they are heading out and want to meet others of maybe if greedy fancy some group dogging action. Forums do offer a great way to find locations as you can search across past postings.


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