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Public Sex Stories ..

Crossdresser Dogging Stores, lets be honest here we Brits love SEX in public places and I’m not sure if Dogging first started here in the UK but I would be very surprised if it didn’t, although I think it started with wife swapping couples, closely followed by Crossdressers.


Reading Crossdresser Sex Dogging stories does give a different perspective of what goes on at dogging locations, if you were to believe all the dogging sites pushing so called Dogging locations, its just about heading to a carpark and getting fucked!


Anyone that has tried Dogging will know that’s not the case, not unless you’ve been extremely lucky with the locations you’ve found or have been told about. Luck no longer comes into plan, more often its about planning and prearranging..


A Crossdress Dogging Story..

Not just one but loads and to access these all you need do is login to the members section and check out blogs posted up by Crossdressers or dogging admirers, but it goes a lot further than just reading a story.


Once you’ve read the members story or even beforehand if you are curious about the author, you can access their photo personals direct from the members dogging story and then contact them maybe asking where they met? Or would you like to meet you?


From members dogging stories you can also post comments, offer feedback or just complement the Crossdresser or admirer on their writing skills, or just what they got up to in the story.


Dogging Fact or Fiction ..

So what’s your preference, reading someone’s sexual fantasies or reading a story written about something that really happened and maybe want to try again… Personally I enjoy real life events over fiction, but its your choice.


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