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Sex In Public .

I’ve always had a thing for sex in public places, but after a recent scare I stopped hooking up with Crossdressers, least in public, that was until I joined here and started reading some members postings and searching Manchester Crossdressing profiles.


It didn’t take long before I made some contacts and one sexy Manchester crossdresser that was slim had an amazing smooth ass pussy and loved sex in public got chatting and I just needed to meet her and fuck her HARD…


We arranged to meet up at (location removed) and whilst even during the daytime we both knew it well and felt happy as private is an understatement. I parked up and walking along the path I could see this VERY horny looking women walking towards me with a summer dress on. I could tell from the photos sent that it was her and when she pulled off the path I followed her into the opening in the trees.


Once there I walked up to her and straight away, she started to open her summer dress. She let it drop to the floor and was wearing matching bra, panties and stockings and looked so fucking hot that I just wanted to remove them and fuck her senseless.


Striped Her Naked In Public…

I moved towards her and putting my hand onto her ass felt her beautiful firm ass, and pulling her knickers to one side slipped my finger around and found her ass pussy…I just couldn’t stop myself so slipped a finger inside her which did make her knees go a little, but she groaned out in pleasure sp knew she was happy.


I pushed my other hand into her knickers and soon found her hard cock and started to wank her off as she slipped her hand down my jeans and start wanking me. I wanted to taste her juices so got down onto my knees and pulling her knickers off her cock jumped into life with a little bit of pre cum waiting to be licked off.


It was so sweet but I wanted her fully in my mouth so removing her knickers I took her fully back and start to suck her and she was fucking my mouth. I returned my fingers to her ass pussy fingering her and by now she was wet and I was able to slide two fingers deep inside fucking her pussy whilst sucking her cock..


She was now really moaning out and thrusting deep into my mouth but I wasn’t ready for her to cum yet so I pulled back and reached over to get a large towel that I had brought along (yes I was ready) put this on the ground and she laid back now fully naked..


Came Inside Her..

I moved down onto her and moving my hand under her teased and fingered her ass pussy and clearly loving it by opening her legs and pushing upwards. I knew she wanted me inside her and she passed me a rubber and some lube and placed my knees between her legs.


I put the rubber on and some lube and she raised her legs and slides inside with easy to start fucking her missionary. I was able to fuck her well as she wasn’t too tight plus used a lot of lube and then started fucking long, deep and hard and she was moaning with every push into her.


Moving back a little I started wanking her and it didn’t take long for her to cum so afterwards I started to fuck her faster until I came with my hard throbbing cock buried inside her inside her. We laid on the ground for a little chatting and then agreed to leave.


Since then, we’ve met up a few times and even booked a hotel for some fun…but I’m still single and so is she so we both can still enjoy meeting others

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