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Satin Panties Dogging Xdresser .

I joined because I wanted to meet males in public locations as I love sex outdoors but as I was VERY nearly caught out recently, I needed to try and find a better way of making contacts with males.


I don’t fully xdress and at first wondered if there was a place for me, but having looked at a few other personals clearly, I’m not alone with my passion for wearing satin panties with stockings, but always holdups.


Would I class myself as a crossdresser, no, I’m a guy with a passion for women’s lingerie, and now I’ve found an outlet to meeting guys that want to have to some public fun meeting panty guys outdoors.


A couple of weeks ago I go chatting with this guy from Portsmouth that wanted to meet up, so we set a date and he told me where to meet just close to the Portsmouth Golf Center as he said there was a quite car park local and could meet up for some oral fun!


The Carpark was empty other than one car parked up which I knew wasn’t his as he told me he had a van and that he would clear a space at the back so we would be safe. I parked up and at first started to wonder if he would turn up, but just sitting there with my satin panties on and stockings under my jeans I was getting so horny!.


Watching Him Wanking Off In Public…

I decided to get out and go for a walk and walked into the woods it was all I could do to stop behind a tree and get my cock out that was now rock hard and wank off, but walked back to the to my car just in case the van was there, and when returning saw his white van parked close to me.


There was a guy standing close to the van and I couldn’t see what he was doing but when I got closer, I saw he had his cock out and was wanking his dick, he turned around and with his hand still on his cock I walked over and offered to take over that and started rubbing his cock. He opened my jeans and saw my cock pointing about my satin panties and moving his head forward licked off the pre cum that was all around the top.


He asked if he could suck me fully and wanted my jeans off to look at me, but knowing how public it was and that he said we could use his van I suggested getting in the back and he opened the door. We both climbed and closing the door behind us put the light on and I pushed my jeans all the way off, showing my panties and stockings.


Satin Panties & Stockings ..

I was sitting the perfect height for my him to get his mouth around my cock, he carried licking the end of my cock cleaning off the last drop of my sweet pre cum before taking all my cock straight down and was amazed he didn’t gag at all, clearly a man that loves to suck cock.


I was so worked up that it was probably only a few minutes of him sucking me that I could feel I was going to cum and with his head buried all the down my cock I filled his mouth with my cum and he swallowed every drop….Now looking at him I told him it was my turn and removing my jeans completely I moved around the van, and was feeling so horny just on my panties, although now cum stained and stockings.


I pulled his trousers down and licking the end of his cock I started wanking and sucking him, I wasn’t able to take him all the way back as he was quite large and much biger then I was and whilst sucking him I felt him tense and knew my reward was cuming and he shot his load into my mouth.


I pulled my mouth back and opening my mouth showed him all his cum on my tongue, then with a swallow empty mouth showing him. We chatted and he asked if I liked anal as he really wanted to fuck me, and I said if he wanted that I would need to be better prepared, and we arranged to meet another week .

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