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Sheer Panties & Bra.

Whats a Cuckold Crossdresser, me !! We’ll I’m more the male part, but I’ve been seeing Jody for a few weeks since we met on the site and she is a VERY horny crossdresser thats now made me a cuckold man, because I watched her getting fucked and LOVED it, and now want more.


First a little about Jody, shes a slim thirty something Crossdresser thats been out for a few years, mostly because when she dressed the only attention, she gets is from males wanting to get into her panties, little do they know the hard crossdresser cock they would find!.


She dresses to get attention, because she can LOL… thats what she says to me anyway and will often go out wearing short dresses, stockings and when shopping making sure she bends over far enough that any males around can see her stocking tops…she’s a tease!!.


Making Cuckold Crossdresser.

I suppose I encourage Jody to flirt with guys and maybe this is how my cuckold side developed as recently we were sitting in restaurant and her skirt had risen right up displaying her stocking tops and even panties, this guy sat close was looking and I’m sure had his hand under the table wanking looking at her legs and stockings.


This is what gave me the idea to watch Jody getting fucked in public. When we got home, we logged onto the site and it didn’t take us long before we found Colin’s profile, He was around the same age as me, and something that put a smile on Jody’s face hung!


Jody sent him a message and soon messages were pinging backward and forward about how I wanted to watch Jody getting fucked on the back seat of our car, but they would ignore me, if they saw me.


Cuckold Husband “MADE” ..

He was happy and we told him where the car would be parked and what time to meet there. I know the carpark well as its a place where we’ve made out before, although I’ve never fucked Jody there.


It was a dark and Jody was ready wearing crop top, short black skirt, stockings, black bra and sheer black panties that I love seeing her wear as it shows her cock off even better when getting hard and waiting for my lips. She finished off with a long thigh length winter coat.


We got to the bar, and after having one drink I suggested Jody go to the toilets and remove her skirt, which she did. Walking back into the bar with a big sexy smile I could tell she didn’t have a skirt on as she was walking and could see her stockings and it was just so horny her walking through the pub knowing she was nearly naked.


Jody finished her drink and headed out a few minutes later I was leaving also, getting to the car she got in the back seat, and I was close by waiting for Colin to turn up. A few minutes later I saw this guy walking over and it was him.


Cuckold Dogging CD.

He got to the car and opened the back door getting inside so I moved closer so I could see inside. Looking at Jody she had her back against the door with her coat open showing her long smooth legs and sheer panties, that now had a hard cock trying to be held in place.


Colin put his hands under her bottom delicately sliding her panties off and placing one leg over the front seat and pulled Jody forward and she lifted her bottom, so he had easy access to her rosebud. Colin opened his jeans and was already hard and moved forward wetting his cock with spit before slowly pushed his cock into Jody.


Jody responded rising her back up so that Colin could totally enter her and by now I was right against the window watching them both fucking hearing with Jody’s moans getting louder. Colin was fucking her hard making the car shake and I was glad I parked in the right place so couldn’t be seen

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