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Wearing Tights In Public .

Is it true that crossdressers love tights….we’ll this one does and combine that with meeting guys at dogging locations and its the BEST type of hookup for this Tights loving Crossdresser…although I’m not into pantyhose, I’m British LOL.


I think I’ve always been a crossdresser as I can’t remember not wearing anything feminine, mostly because I was the only boy with 2 sisters 1 older one younger, and we would always have dressing days and I would be another sister, I soon started to find I enjoy this a lot.


Even when younger I had a love affair with tights and when my sisters were not around, I would find my older sisters’ tights and put them on. Fast forward just a few years …and I now live alone and one of the best things about being alone is I can have my own outfits and LOTS of tights/pantyhose. 


Wearing Tights All Day..

Nothing is better than going to work and walking around all day wearing tights. Sometimes I will not wear knickers (always pink thongs) so I can feel the tights rubbing against my cock and this makes me horny, and I end up paying a trip to the toilet look for some rubbing & wanking.


This one day I had been wearing tights all day but had been so busy I wasn’t able to pay my daily trip to the loo. Finishing work I started driving home and was getting sooo fucking horny I needed to do something about it, and I wasn’t going to last the 2-hour drive home.


I knew about a few about a few laybys on the way home where guys would meet up, it was more a gay cottaging site than couples and was just wondering if someone wanted to have some fun with little old me and find their way into my tights.


Dogging Wearing Tights.

Pulling into the layby it was dark and some cars were parked up. I parked in the corner and getting out I walked towards some trees and shortly after I started walking, I heard a car door close. Once by the trees I waited, and this guy approached asking what I was into.


I dropped my trousers kicking them off and was standing there naked from the waist down showing my tights and with no knickers my hard cock pushing against the gusset. He walked over towards me and looking around quickly got down onto his knees and pulling my tights down started to lick and suck my cock.


He was so fucking good but after wearing tights all day it was also such a relief to have my cock out and even better in someone’s mouth. He was sucking and soaking my cock with his salver taking me fully down and sucking my cock balls deep. 


Fucked Outdoors .

Clearly, he loved meeting males wearing tights and maybe even crossdressers as he stood up asking if he could fuck me, but wanted me to pull the tights back up and he would rip a hole in my tights…”fuck, yes” and pulling them up I turned around and felt him ripping open a whole near my anus.


Placing my hands on a near tree I heard the sound of his zip coming down then a few seconds later the tip of his cock pushing against my hole. He wasn’t big but I was struggling to take him without having any lube.


I turned around and getting to my knees I liked and sucking his cock making his wet with my spit and whilst still dropping turned around and reaching around pulled my hole wide and feeling him against me again pushed into me

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