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I’ve been living in Manchester for most of my crossdressing life LOL, We’ll Wigan to be exact, whilst you could say I like in one of the most densely populated parts of the UK lease within the Manchester Crossdressing scene I’ve never been into clubs or LGBTQ bars.


I do go out as I’m passable and even do my weekly food shopping En-fem in fact as corny as it is I meet my boyfriend over the frozen section in Iceland LOL…honestly. I don’t normally pick up as its difficult to say to a guy “by the way, I’ve got a cock hidden away” But Marc (the guy) was so instant about taking me for a drink we went out.


We went to this bar in Wigan that I know and got along well, so well that I needed to say something to him and quickly, so whilst sat down I dropped a bombshell on him saying I was a crossdresser and during the day dress as a man but change once home.


I was expecting him to stand a walk away, but he sipped his G&T a bit and then moved forward saying “ I hoped so” I nearly dropped my drink and was so relieved and was able to relax and that’s how my relationship started with Marc…


Manchester CD Sex ..

We did agree that we would have an open type of relationship because he enjoyed the company of women, and likewise me with other Crossdressers. It all worked very well and after a few months of us seeing each other we were meeting up a couple times a week and both seeing others, and that’s when I met with Sally.


I was looking online one night alone when I saw a personal advert from another Wigan Crossdresser, I’d never seen her before and wondered how I missed her, but it was later I found out that she had only just joined the site. We got chatting, first by messages, then WhatsApp and it was clear we both wanted the same thing “SEX” so arranged to meet at local hotel as it was a fantasy of hers to walk into a bar and meet a Crossdresser then go to a room for SEX.


I was dressed in a knee length dress, black jacket and with stockings on as I never go out without black sheer stockings and something sexy underneath. I went to the hotel and headed for the bar and got myself a large glass of wine then moved over to a quiet part of the bar and enjoyed doing some people watching.


It wasn’t long before Sally walked in long blonde hair, drop dead figure and in a black leather mini skirt, white top and a jacket and straight away she was me walked over a gave me a huge kiss on the lips then ordered a drink. We sat back and must have finished at least 2 bottles when Sally suggested we went to the room.


Walking over to the lift we were both getting looks from guys as we were all over other. When the door of the lift opened and stepped inside with the doors still open Sally moved forward and started kissing me passionately..


Sally, What a body ..

Getting to the room it didn’t stop and once the door was closed we were kissing and caressing each other, we never spoke about roles but Sally was clearly taking the leading roll and I was over the moon as she stripped me naked, then pushed me on the bed. Looking at me with just my stockings and sexy lingerie I could see she liked, even more so with my cock now pushing against my knickers.


She pulled them off and starting over me removed all her clothing and getting some lube from her bag started working on my pussy easing fingers inside me, first one, then another and a third “ aren’t you a greedy bitch” with that pulled her fingers from me and slowly at first entering me.


She fucked me for what seemed like hours, fucking me in different positions but making sure she fucked me doggy style as I love that pushing deep inside me. She was pounding me so hard that I came and shortly afterwards so did Sally inside me.


Laying on the bed I could feel Sallys cum running out from me and moving my fingers down started to tease my hole, Sally stopped me saying that was her job and pushing fingers inside my open pussy pulled them out covered in cum and we both sucked and licked them clean. By this time I was hard and Sally told me it was my turn now!


We spent hours in bed taking turns fucking and at some stage both crashed out. The next day I met with Marc and told him all about it and could tell from his erection in his jeans he enjoyed it..

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